FC5T2 - not ready for prime time.

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Sun Jan 22 13:30:49 UTC 2006

John Summerfied wrote:

> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> Talking about throwing the baby along with the bathwater. If Bugzilla 
>> is not optimal, lets fix that problem instead trading one set of pain 
>> with another by switching to a new tracking system unless bugzilla is 
>> non fixable. List specifically all the gripes that you have with 
>> bugzilla or even better help us fix it.
> We'll start with "it's painfully slow."
> I'm on dialup, it seems like it takes minutes to do an enquiry.

I used it on dialup on several occasions and I dont see this problem. Of 
couse its slower than when being used in a T1 connection.

> We'll proceed to "its UI is cumbersome." Especially for those not 
> already familiar with it. If you make changes, don't rely on 
> experienced users to evaluate it, get some tyros, people you'd like to 
> enrol as helpers for the future. I could also mention, "it's 
> confusing." Some of the problem, I think, is in Red Hat's 
> implementation and the way its ordered the data. If I want to report a 
> problem in the kernel, let me identify the kernel, maybe 
> kernel-2.6.10-1.760_dl3, and you can match it up with your view of the 
> "product."

You need to be much more specific than that. Can you produce mockups of 
what the interface and workflow of what you believe is needed?

> I've also used Debian's BTS: while it's not brilliant, it can search 
> for matching bugs, and it can work offline without referent to the 
> master database. Since Debian has way more packages & architectures 
> than RH/Fedora, I presume the size of its database isn't a problem 
> from its performance perspective.

I am not sure. Database performance is a definite bottleneck on many 

> OTOH I note Ubuntu uses BZ so maybe developers don't like it so well.

Maybe. We cant use presumptions to change a working product.

> One of the things you might like about bts is that it's a script that 
> runs on the user system which is usually the one with the problem, and 
> it can get some basic information about the software installed and the 
> hardware in use. For the users' peace of mind, it allows her to see 
> what's being said, and on her okay, mails it to the bts.

I dont think Red Hat or Fedora is going to dump its entire history of 
bugs to move into bts unless bts is far more advanced and provides 
capabilities that cannot be inherited into bugzilla.

> Would that help Mike Harris sort out video problems? I think it would.
Not sure what video problems you are talking about. Got a bug report? 
Why dont you ask him whether dumping bugzilla is what is needed to fix 
any video problems?. He is not in this list but he is on fedora-devel 
list and hangs out all the time in #fedora-devel.


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