FC5T2 ready for even a test release?

John courie jcourie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 15:38:16 UTC 2006

> >
> > i could pose the question to end users on other forums but i suspect it
> > will be hard to find one you would accept the answers from
> Try.

//putting on flac jacket

As an end user, who has installed every version of a rad hat product
(aside from enterprise)
and also someone who has extensive experience with Debian as well, (
FC is better IMHO)
I can tell you what this end user has experienced.

I have done the everything install twice, My first time installing RH
and Once in a class, it was convient in the class because we didn't
have to yum or rpm packages we needed when we were covering a section,
vsftpd and associated apps for example.

The first time I got burned, and I got a rootkit, because I as an end
user had a package I didn't need.

I dont have an opinion on the everythig install 'cept to say that I
haven't used it except for those two limited situations, and I was on
a dial up for a long time and I can feel the pain of someone who has
the gotcha of trying to install a big lib to get some other app
running, on a dial-up.

anyway thats my $.02

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~ Eduardo

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