Can FC5t2 x86_64 handle onboard VGA and Ethernet...

dondi_2006 dondi_2006 at
Fri Jan 27 13:09:07 UTC 2006

...of an ASUS A8N-VM CSM board with nForce 430 and
GeForce 6150?

first some feedback:

1) yesterday I saw that Anaconda in FC4 x86_64
   is impossible to use because it messes up the screen:

2) later on, I concluded that it looks like a 64 bit
   Anaconda bug/limit, because the CD *is* good and I
   *have installed FC4 x86 (32 bit!) on the same system:

3) However, the onboard ethernet doesn't work yet:

Now the actual questions:

*) the answers (list of patches to apply) I got to 3) make 
   me wonder if it wouldn't be quicker (since at this
   point I already am a beta tester...) to join the FC5t2
   testing crow, even because it looks like the only way
   to have now a 64 bit fedora on my box. What do you
   think? Does anybody know if the kernel-forcedeth
   versions in FC5t2 already have all the patches
   mentioned here for my chipset:

   I am fine with being a beta tester and submitting bug
   reports to real programmers, but frankly I have problems
   to decode the instructions above and find out all I'd 
   need to do. Helping a bit with FC5 seems more 
   productive, especially in the mid/long term.

*) ABOVE ALL, what about the screen messed up? does
   anybody have an idea of what it could be (on 64 bit
   only), how to fix it or if it's a problem that's
   likely to be not in FC5?

IMPORTANT: the reason I'm asking instead of just trying
FC5 myself is that I'm not on broadband right now.
Downloading N cdroms would take me a *lot* of time, so...
I'd really hate to waste some more days (seriously!) on
it if somebody can already tell me that it wouldn't
surely work for some reason...

Thanks in advance! Hope to join you FC5 testers soon,


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