Shutdown in Gnome not shutting down

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at
Sat Jan 28 02:00:47 UTC 2006

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
> If I click the menu entry Shutdown, then if I click either "reboot" or 
> "shutdown" I get a new gdm login screen.  The only way I see to reboot 
> now is CLI reboot.
> This is an x86 system kept up-to-date since FC3 final using rawhide, so 
> I would say it is FC5T2 + rawhide.
> On a similar system with FC5T2, clean install, updated daily from 
> rawhide, the shutdown gui works as expected.
> Any ideas?
> Anyone else seeing this?  I tried to find a bz on it, but may have 
> missed it, since not sure what component is involved.

I get the same thing when I use the logout. I guess it is another reason 
to become repelled from the needless and stupid changes made in GNOME.

The next change will be a bunch of questions regarding your intent to 
logout and shutdown your computer.
Are you sure?
Did the President say it was OK?
What does your 3rd grade teacher say about your choice of shutting down?

Basically, I created an Icon on the desktop which has the command 
poweroff. I click on the Launcher and the computer shuts down. I don't 
get kicked to the login screen where I could then logout.

Is this a bug or another annoying change to GNOME?


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