How to get WPA-Support with NetworkManager?

Tom London selinux at
Mon Jan 30 14:44:14 UTC 2006

nm-tool says the following for my ipw2200(and wired too!):
NetworkManager Tool

State: connected

- Device: eth0 ----------------------------------------------------------------
  NM Path:           /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/eth0
  Type:              Wired
  Active:            yes
  HW Address:        00:0A:E4:3D:A7:85

    Supported:       yes
    Carrier Detect:  yes

  Wired Settings
    Hardware Link:   yes

  IP Settings:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

- Device: eth1 ----------------------------------------------------------------
  NM Path:           /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/eth1
  Type:              802.11 Wireless
  Active:            no
  HW Address:        00:13:CE:BE:8E:B0

    Supported:       yes

  Wireless Settings
    Scanning:        yes
    WEP Encryption:  yes

  Wireless Networks (* = Current Network)
    free4all:        Infrastructure Mode, Freq 0.000 MHz, Strength
87%, Encrypted (WPA)
    2WIRE970:        Infrastructure Mode, Freq 0.000 MHz, Strength
29%, Encrypted (WEP)
    2WIRE138:        Infrastructure Mode, Freq 0.000 MHz, Strength
27%, Encrypted (WEP)


nm-applet shows the 'networkworks', but selecting a WPA one borks. 
Appears that nm-applet only (really) knows about WEP (ie. none of the
pull-downs have WPA entries).


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