Macbook Pro and Fedora Core Test 1

Nathan Grennan fedora-test-list at
Sun Jul 2 05:45:56 UTC 2006

  I just got finished getting my Macbook Pro to tri-boot. It went very 
smoothly once I found the right instructions. I did skip lilo and let 
Fedora use grub. After I installed Fedora Core 6 Test 1 I installed 
rEFit, which is an optional part of the instructions. rEFit looks very 
nice, and works well.

  I got an error about apic. I had to use noapic on the next boot. After 
a yum update and  a reboot the latest kernel, kernel-2.6.17-1.2336.fc6, 
still oopsed on apic.

 I couldn't pick 1440x900, the default resolution for X. Interestingly 
enough I could pick Generic 1440x900 LCD as the monitor. I picked 
1280x800 for the resolution. I found Screen Resolution says the screen 
is running at 1152x864 though. Sound works, at least with headphones. 
Which pleasantly surprised me. Firstboot didn't reboot the machine after 
I disabled SELinux. Wired networking worked out of the box.

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