Problem with wireless (NM or ipw2200?)

Chris Adams cmadams at
Sun Jul 2 18:10:34 UTC 2006

I've got NetworkManager configured on my notebook with an Intel 2915ABG
wireless interface.  With an up-to-date rawhide install, I am having
trouble connecting to my home wireless network.

If I watch the scan results ("iwlist eth1 list scanning" and "nm-tool"),
I only see one network listed (someone else's unsecured network with a
low signal).

If I stop NM and wait a few minutes, sometimes iwlist will show all the
in-range networks; sometimes it will still just show the one.

If instead, I do "iwconfig eth1 essid MySSID", NM prompts me for my
keyring passphrase and connects as it should.

It seems something is interfering with scanning.  If I force it to my
network, it will connect.  Then if I look at the drop-down list in the
NM applet, I see all the local networks.

I haven't BZed this since I am not sure where the problem lies, NM or
the kernel ipw2200 driver.
Chris Adams <cmadams at>
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