DejaVu fonts for Fedora Core 6 feedback call

Rahul sundaram at
Sat Jul 8 19:29:07 UTC 2006

Tom Brinkman wrote:
> On 07 7:38:S, Rahul wrote:
>> Most users dont change any font defaults
>   Wrong!

You got any stats to back this claim?

>> In Fedora, we try to be as close to
>> upstream sources as possible
>    Which is why I switched from (years on) Mdv-cooker to FC-test
>> and if those fixes were included in 
>> GNOME, they would automatically benefit all downstream
>> distributions and users instead of tackling these kind of issues
>> redundantly in every distributions.
>    Again you state Gnome centric mindset.

GNOME is just a example here. Any upstream source would benefit all 
downstream consumers.

  More users use KDE. This
> is not to start a vi/emacs type controversy, just reality.
>    Nevermind, I'll just keep runnin g-f-p after login to fix Gnome 
> apps under KDE.

Or file a bug report and help fix it.


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