Latest kernels and VMWare

Jim Bevier jim at
Sat Jul 15 21:18:00 UTC 2006

The last couple of kernels (2396 & 2401) create a problem with the script.  It seems the 2.6.18 kernel mods have changed where 
the definition of "UTS_RELEASE" is stored.  It used to be in version.h, now 
it is in utsrelease.h.  Manually adding "#include utsrelase.h" to the 
version.h file gets me past this problem.  It caused vmware to not be able 
to find the proper kernel include files.  One I get past this problem vmmon 
build fine, but building vmnet aborts with "unknown symbol 
'lockdep_init_map'".  I guess this is some new kernel thing.  Does anyone 
know how to get around this error?  I like to test vmware and ntfs for each 
new kernel release.


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