Suspend options disappeared

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Jul 17 19:14:34 UTC 2006

> > >> Now, after a yum update, the Suspend and Hibernate options have all
> > >> disappeared.
> > >
> > >
> > My guess is that they were removed as a result of far too many systems
> > having broken ACPI functionality. E.g. It is quite annoying to have a
> > "Suspend" option in your places menu
> > that results in your system going to sleep, without ever waking up.
> >
> > Given the current state of things, the best thing would be to not add
> > the suspend things to the places menu by default, but have some GConf or
> > control panel setting to enable them on systems where they actually work.
> If any maintainers are reading: Do you know if it's a decision to drop
> the suspend/hibernate menu items or an oversight?
> Is it a Fedora issue or GNOME issue?

I suspect it might be a Fedora issue as the option to suspend in
gnome-power-manager are gone too (you can do nothing or shutdown for
most of the options).So I'm not sure if they're getting smarter and
only enabling the option for known working configs (I think my Dell
D620 has issues) or whether is borked for development in general at
the moment.


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