Hibernate and GRUB

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 25 09:09:57 UTC 2006

> Could it be changed so the GRUB menu appears so the required OS is
> started? Or is there a good reason for doing it this way?


I think the grub menu is hidden to prevent users from accidentally 
rrestarting with a different kernel to that running when they 
hibernated, which causes no end of pain (if the share the same swap 
area, which almost all do). To my mind this is a good thing, but does 
mean you have to do a full reboot to get the grub menu to get into 
windows, if thats what you want.

Note that in FC we do NOT use swsusp2, but the in-kernel suspend 
functionality. I'm not sure of the technicalities but they are 
completely different beasts and might explain the differences. What 
happens with swsusp2 if you have multiple linux kernels ? What happens 
if you choose the wrong one on resume - How does it prevent corruption ?

cheers Chris

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