PS/2 mouse jumpy in FC6 test1

Pasha R at
Mon Jul 31 10:54:36 UTC 2006

On 7/31/06, Rahul <sundaram at> wrote:
> Pasha R wrote:
> > After installing FC6 test1 and updating it to current development
> > packages, my PS/2 (microsoft) mouse became very jumpy. When I move a
> > mouse, after some moving forward, pointer suddenly jumps back. This
> > occurs in both XWindows and in console mode. I tried to plug same
> > mouse to USB port and it works ok this way. Never had such problems
> > before with previous Fedora releases.
> If you havent run all the updates after test1, do that and see if the
> problem still exists. If it does, file a bug report in
> against the kernel.
> Rahul
It still exists with all updates. In fact, kernel shipped with FC6
test1 (2.6.16-something) was ok.

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