kernel 2.6.16-1.2107_FC5 breaks graphical boot (and cups and httpd)

Jeff Vian jvian10 at
Thu May 4 12:44:44 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 04:14 -0700, Paul Dickson wrote:
> On Thu, 4 May 2006 19:57:53 +0930, Mark Bradbury wrote:
> > The scary thing is that yum now seems to delete the second to last kernel so
> > we could end up with a new kernel that is (possibly) no better, the current
> > kernel that is borked and deleting the kernel that works.
> > 
> > If you know how to stop the deletion of the second to last kernel please let
> > me know
> Edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/installonlyn.conf.  Set enabled=0.
a better fix would be to change the "tokeep=2" value to something a
little higher.

Dave Jones and Rahul have both also said that yum will NOT remove the
kernel you are booted from, so you should be safe as long as you are
booted from the good kernel even without changes to that file.

> 	-Paul

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