Fedora Core 6 Common Issues

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at insight.rr.com
Thu Nov 2 23:21:57 UTC 2006

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Jim Cornette wrote:
>> I installed FC6 on a computer with a SIS integrated video. Anaconda 
>> was not able to recognize the proper video card.
> Xorg.0.log please.  Preferably in a bug.
> - ajax

Since I am not familiar with where the log would be located during the 
install (/tmp maybe) I'll need to do some research as to where the log 
is located for new installs. Specifying 'linux xdriver=sis' made the 
installation possible if I am correct. I do not think that i had to 
execute a third attempt at installation with 'linux xdriver=vesa' though 
possible. Anyway, I'll try the new install tomorrow with another HD on a 
clean install and file a bug report regarding the failure, if possible.

Off note regarding the report filed by Michal Jaegermann. The reference 
to erratic failures which caused multi-version entries of packages in 
the rpmdb, the problem sounds like it could be repeated just by trying 
installations over several times on any hardware, known problematic 
hardware would probably allow repeatability with a higher frequency of 
failures. The information in the report might be wise to diagnose. Who 
gets the bug is beyond me since the component is the installer and 
encompasses getting everybody's hard work installed on the system.
Investigation into the report would be beneficial for FC7 and what 
follows. Maybe it will be one particular program which is important for 
some needs which is not installed on most other users computers. If it 
is a default installation and happens randomly, look for resolution at FC12.



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