FC6 and laptop suspend/resume: should be a high priority bug

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Wed Sep 27 23:11:55 UTC 2006

Horst H. von Brand wrote:

>> "corrupts data"
> Could we add "X starts, but only shows a blank screen; no keyboard or mouse
> response"? (Happened to me yesterday after the updates from the day before,
> haven't had time to corroborate)

That one is almost certainly "no".  If there was a steadfast rule that
if X failed for any user, it would block a Fedora release, then there
would never ever be another Fedora release ever period.

Every release of X will categorically fail not just for one user, but
for multitudes of users due to the complexity of the software compared
to the number of developers working on it.  Any large software project
as complicated as X, the kernel, firefox, apache, etc. will always have
a multitude of bugs in them by very nature of their size and

Only bugs involving data loss or widespread catastrophic problems
for multitudes of users should "block" a release if the release is
ever to go out the door.

This is where the "would be nice if" ideology and the "this is what
happens in the real world under $constraints" realities diverge

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