Kernel Panic

Chris Schumann chris at
Sun Aug 12 19:43:53 UTC 2007

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> Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 2:34 PM

> On 11/08/07, Chris Schumann <chris at> wrote:
> > I'm testing F8T1 on a ThinkPad 600X. It unsurprisingly didn't 
> > recognize my Atheros-based 802.11g card, so I thought I'd try a 
> > LinkSys 16-bit 802.11b card (WPC11 v1, IIRC) that has 
> worked in older 
> > versions of Fedora Core.
> >
> > I got a kernel panic while booting, so I removed the card 
> and rebooted.
> > I waited until it was looking for new hardware, inserted 
> the card, and 
> > the machine locked up with the blinking keyboard indicators.
> >
> > Is there a trick to using a 16-bit WiFi card in a CardBus 
> machine? Is 
> > it just this card? Is this a new bug?
> Taking things back a few steps, have you tried using the 
> proprietary atheros driver for the original card? Kernel 
> modules are available from various third-party repositories...

I haven't yet tried it with F8T1.

It would be nice to get WiFi working, but that's not strictly an F8 problem.
The kernel panic using my 16-bit card is, and it would be nice if that would


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