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Thu Jan 25 12:30:34 UTC 2007

Jerry Williams wrote:
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>> Subject: View Updates - Wait.....-Apply Updates
>> See little window pop up.  52 updates...
>> Only button is "View Updates", click it, wait......
>> See screen, click "Apply Updates"
>> Would it be possible to have 2 buttons "Apply Updates" and "View Updates"?
>> That way I can click "Apply Updates" and not have to wait to just click
>> another button.
>> Yes, most of the time I do like to look, but what if I have several
>> machines
>> that all need the same thing?
> One more thing, on some machines, I can't just do the update, I have to wait
> until after hours.  But it is nice to have the updates downloaded before
> hand. So I can just do the install and not have to wait for the download.
> People want their machine back and only let you have it for a little while.
> So maybe a checkbox on the main Package Updater screen that says download
> only.
Obviously, there is no reason why it wouldn't be possible {eg equivalent 
to the yum -y option}; it's open source after all.

But perhaps yum-updatesd already implements what you are after ;)
$ man yum-updatesd.conf

I go a different route: one internal machine gets updated manually 
{after visually approving updates}, and testing for a few days, then 
createrepo is used to build a custom internal repo. The rest of the 
machines autoupdate from the internal repos: there are no external repos 
set. I think it is a good to manage what to update, and also internally 
cache the rpm etc.


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