Fetchmail WARNING: Running as root is discouraged....

Jim Bevier jim at jbsys.com
Sat Jun 9 04:49:44 UTC 2007

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Subject: Fetchmail WARNING: Running as root is discouraged....

What I did was download the source (yumdownloader -source fetchmail) and 
modify the source to comment out the message.  Then compile it and install. 
I then added an entry to cron as root and run it every 6 minutes.  No 
message to log and it works fine.  Not sure why they added the message 
sometime during FC5.


>I see email on this going back 2 years.
> OK so I'd like to run my crontab process as something other than root, say 
> fetchmail. I set the fetchmailrc files to be owned by fetchmail, I run all 
> my fetchmail invocations in crontab as fetchmail, and I get:
> //.fetchmail.pid: Permission denied
> fetchmail: lock creation failed
> I look at /var/run and see that group root has rw rights to it, so I add 
> group root as additional group to fetchmail.
> Same results.
> QUESTION: What directory is fetchmail attempting to create fetchmail.pid?
> Thanks, BobH
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