fc7t2 - bittorrent-curses

Styma, Robert E (Robert) stymar at alcatel-lucent.com
Fri Mar 2 14:16:26 UTC 2007

I downloaded fc7t2 with my fc6 machine yesterday,
installed it on a test machine and it loaded fine.
Copied the bittorrent data over from the fc6
machine and planned to let it run as a seed for
a few days.

1.  bittorrent-curses changed where it wants to
    put the loaded files.  In fc6 it put them 
    under the current directory.  Added the 
    --save_in parameter, but that did not help
    much.  It said it was going to put the file
    where expected, but instead of running as a
    seed, it started downloading to 

2.  Every time bittorrent-curses starts it generates
    the message:
    >>> unable to setrlimit  not allowed to raise maximum limit
    I am running this as a normal user.
    This is not a problem on FC6

3.  Even though I moved the port forwarding to the test
    machine for ports 6881-6999, it never does any uploading.
    The fc6 machine behaves fine.

I was going to open a bug report, but ft7t2 does not yet
have an option and bittorrent is listed under extras on
fc6.   Where should this be filed?

Thank you for your time.

Robert E. Styma
Principal Engineer (DMTS)
Alcatel-Lucent, Phoenix
Email: stymar at alcatel-lucent.com

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