Fedora 8 Test Update: mock-0.8.8-1.fc8

Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 11:17:16 UTC 2007

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> not to sound rude, but what you'd rather see is not really germane to
> the discussion.  what *is* germane -- as i've already suggested -- is
> that i originally joined this ML because i wanted to participate in
> the discussion regarding fedora test *releases*.  OTOH, i have little
> interest in staying on top of the constant stream of fedora test
> *updates*, but i'm being force-fed that information anyway.  so what's
> the problem with a new ML with that particular mandate?
>> to make sure those on the test discussion list were aware of the
>> test updates that are being pushed out...
> except that there are some of us who aren't interested in that
> information.

So your point is that you feel the community really needs to have list setup
such as below?

all of which relate to testing and development issues for packages not yet

Just having the announcements split off to another list hardly suits your needs
either given your feelings above and not wanting to know anything about updates
and discussion of them.

>> the noise of the announcements is not drowning the list by any
>> means, ...
> um ... have you counted the number of recent posts related to package
> test updates?  in fact, that is *all* that is being posted on this
> list.  how precisely does that *not* constitute "drowning the list"?
>> and if people aren't aware that packages are being pushed to test
>> then less testing will occur.
> once again, that's not my problem.  if you want to test packages, feel
> free.  i don't, so i don't want to hear about them.  why is that such
> a difficult concept to grok?

Email filtering?  All update announcements originate from
updates at fedoraproject.org, you could simply not see any of them with 2minutes of
your time.  Granted if the *majority* of people on the list fall into your
category its wasted bandwidth to have all the announcements going out to them
all, but thats not necessarily the case.  I'm not saying your ideas are invalid,
just playing devil's advocate about even *MORE* email lists... everyone's needs
and interest in the information stream is going to be different.

Splintering discussions about updates away from next release testing will tend
to also reduce cross-talk on related problems.  Just my 2c, thats a bad thing.

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