Booting problem with latest rawhide

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Subject: Booting problem with latest rawhide

> Hi all,
> Since last week I have had a problem booting rawhide.  It is an X86_64 AMD 
> X2 system.  If I just let it boot to Run Level 5, it locks up with tons of 
> messages saying it can not create files on root because the file system is 
> mounted read-only.  I have to reboot by using the "reset button".  If I 
> boot to level 1 (single user) I still get lots of message about root being 
> read only.  Doing a "mount" lists root as being mounted as read-write. 
> Scrolling backward in the messages, there is a line saying root is mounted 
> r/w.  But, if I try to do "touch /tmp/xx", touch gives error saying file 
> system is read only????
> So as a work around, I boot to level 1 and get the shell prompt.  I then 
> type "mount -o remount,rw /" which remounts root as read/write.  I then do 
> an "init 3" and log in as root.  Then an "init 5" and viola, the system 
> starts.  I can not do an "init 5" directly from the single user mode.  So 
> what is broke?  I did a fedora 8 x86_64 live install, and then updated to 
> rawhide.  Can someone help?
> Jim
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It is hard for me to believe no one else is having this problem.  Lots of 
updates and new kernels have been installed and still the problem exists. 
Is there some service that is not being executed at startup?  Did I forget 
to remove or add a service when updating from F8 to Rawhide?  I sure would 
like to help find this problem if someone could point me in the right 
direction.  I guess the first thing to figure out is why root is not mounted 
r/w on bootup.


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