all I wanted was to update the kernel, not a crypto lesson ...

Christopher Brown snecklifter at
Wed Oct 3 21:40:58 UTC 2007

On 03/10/2007, Matthew Miller <mattdm at> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 09:44:12PM +0100, Christopher Brown wrote:
> > No. I think typing --enablerepo=development or manually editing as root
> the
> > fedora-development.repo file is a perfectly good safeguard against that.
> As
> Have you tried this? Because if the original poster would have used
> --enablerepo=development, he would have been prompted to import the key
> when it
> was needed.

Sure I've tried that. My point is that the original poster tried to install
an updated kernel from rawhide. Not from an external repository, from
rawhide. The original poster doesn't indicate from which command yum fails
(local install my guess) but all the same, both yum and pirut failed and the
exasperation is tangible as the subject line indicates. This shouldn't
happen and is preventable.

Anyway, you are using pgp key installation as a means of preventing
unintentional installation of packages - something it was never intended

It can't know what key to get if you download just the single RPM package
> and then use yum to install it -- but of course in that case with no repo
> from which to draw possible dependencies, you'd better be prepared for
> complications anyway.

No, I'm asking for a single package to be tested which I know to currently
have no dependencies. This certainly won't always be the case as sure; most
rpms have dependencies that need satisfying. I just can't see the logic in
having a key on the system but not having it installed or at least having
yum/pirut check for it when doing an install.

> "Okay, a fix is in rawhide but please learn the intricacies of package
> > management before applying". Also known as travelling from London to
> Paris
> > via Bristol.
> If they do it the easy way, it'll just work. If they do it the hard way,
> it's harder.

I'm glad we agree. Lets make it easy and not have any more "Hello, does
anyone have any more hoops 'cause someone asked me to install a package from
rawhide and I'm all out of the ones I've had to jump through to install one
package" emails.


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