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Mon Oct 22 18:20:31 UTC 2007

Matthias Clasen writes:
> On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 08:13 -0500, Scott Berry wrote:
> > Hello guys and gals,
> > 
> > Anyone who is blind on this list and for developers there is  an upgrade 
> > to Orca that should be put in to the final release of F8 please.
> > 
> I have built orca recently. If you are talking about orca 2.21,
> that will likely have to be an update after the release at this point.
> Unless it is dramatically better, and is totally broken. 
> Is it ?
No, in fact I believe it's a new development direction, i.e. py-atspi.

However, on a related note, we should default gnome-speech to espeak
rather than festival. This is especially cool for orca users inasmuch as
espeak is now built against alsa via portaudio 19--which is there in
F-8. As previously discussed among some of us, this should be done via
breakout packages for particular speech engines, e.g.
gnome-speech-espeak. I believe this is what I see in the development
repository, but I'm unclear whether festival is similarly broken out,
and deprecated from its default in gnome-speech status.

While there are still a few problems with accessible login in gdm, it
mostly works with espeak, and that's a very cool feature.

Overall, things look pretty state of the art re a11y to me right now.

Some last minute bugs with F-7.92 fully updated ...

We seem to have lost the beep in gdm as well as gdm's ability to play a
custom audio file. From my personal /etc/gdm/custom.conf:

# If SoundOnLogin is true, then the greeter will beep when login is ready
# for user input.  If SoundOnLogin is a file and the greeter finds the
# 'play' executable (see daemon/SoundProgram) it will play that file
# instead of just beeping

This is now broken--as of some weeks ago. Not sure if it's gdm or F-8
implementation breakage.

However, far more serious is that the beep no longer works when
"SoundOnLogin=true' is set.


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