rawhide report: 20071024 changes

vonbrand at inf.utfsm.cl vonbrand at inf.utfsm.cl
Wed Oct 24 15:12:10 UTC 2007

Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 09:16:04 -0400
> "Arch Willingham" <arch at tuparks.com> wrote:
> > With this morning's update, it does matter what updates I eliminate,
> > teh update dies with oen of the packages saying "Package XYZ is not
> > signed". One example of this is "Package
> > pykickstart-1.18-1.fc8.noarch.rpm is not signed".
> This was a small thinko on my part.  The fedora-release package enabled
> the fedora and updates-released repositories, and mirror manager
> redirects them to rawhide.  However these repo definitions insist upon
> signed packages and we don't automatically sign packages in rawhide.
> For now, edit the repos in Pirut and disable the fedora and
> updates-released repos.

I want to stay on rawhide, changing that silently to Fedora 8 track isn't
too nice.

The assorted breakage caused is no big deal, it is just part of what makes
rawhide so fun ;-)
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