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John Summerfield debian at
Wed Oct 31 23:25:10 UTC 2007

Chuck Ebbert wrote:
> On 10/31/2007 04:45 AM, John Summerfield wrote:
>> I was fully updated yesterday. Today, the mirrors seem broken;-(
>> I'm using KDE desktop, and sound does not work on my HP DC7000 SFF.
>> Except that when I choose K/Administration/Sound card detection, it
>> works very well.
>> I've been playing with Control Center (kcontrol). The first time, I
>> chose it from the KDE menu, and when I chose sound, it locked up and had
>> to be terminated with force.
>> Subsequently I've run it from within konsole, and it does not lock up,
>> but it doesn't play sound either.
>> I do get an artsmessage, to the effect
>> "Sound system informational message" (yeah right, "does not work" is
>> informational?)
>> "Error while initialising the sound driver"
>> "device: default cannot be opened for playback (connection refused)"
>> "The sound system will continue, using the null device."
>> Further testing:
>> Autodetect doesn't.
>> OSS works.
>> ALSA does not.
>> ESD does not.
> Either erase pulseaudio and pulseaudio-plugins-alsa, or install
> kde-settings-pulseaudio.

I'd prefer to have this work, so install kde-settings-pulseaudio, but I 
don't see such a package.



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