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Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 00:30:03 UTC 2008

Fulko Hew wrote:
> 1/ Click on _anything_, or try to do _anything_ and
>    the SELinux AVC denial popup appears.  Arghh, I want to
>    throw this thing against the wall!

Update selinux-policy selinux-policy-targeted and restorecon -R -V / and most of 
that should fix itself.  Then start posting new AVCs to selinux list or bugzilla.

> 2/ I tried changing the size of the task bar and the
>    widgets are not drawn properly inside it.

Should file this as well, I can resize mine from 19 to 60 pixels and all widgets 
(icons and text) seem to be properly centered and resized to fit nicely.

> 3/ I can't find anything 'useful' on the menu. Note that my
>    frustration is starting to set in big time!

You installed via the live cd, there isn't a whole lot installed yet.  What were 
you looking for that is 'useful'?

> 4/ I hate this new menu mechanism.  Having to constantly
>    click to expand a menu... click to get back a level,
>    clock to pick the right group out of the bottom,
>    before you start your clicking exercise.
>    Click, click, click, click click!  All this clicking
>    is going to give me RSI, and I'm going to sue somebody!  :-(

Yikes, first start by filing that as a bug... its not intended behavior and does 
not happen with other installs.

> 5/ I can't find where I can choose the video driver for X.
>    Its picked VESA by default instead of the Intel driver
>    more apropos for this hardware, and so I'd like to change it,
>    but I can't find it on the menu.  (Though I can run
>    system-config-display manually) When I did, I'm pretty
>    sure that it didn't work, but I don't know the details...
>    I'll have to do it again and record the symptoms.

/etc/X11/xorg.conf, see the section Display for defining the driver.

> 6/ I tried the KDE news ticker.  It now popup up as a
>    window rather than part of the taskbar.
>    Keeping things on the task bar, keeps them in a known
>    location and always visible.  Forcing them to be another
>    window makes them 'yet another window that you need to
>    personally manage.  Thats make it time consuming... that
>    make any work on the desktop time consuming when I create,
>    resize, move windows, etc.

Ah you're on the KDE live, thats probably why my taskbar resize works and yours 
doesn't.  Might need to file that bug or look for it in bugzilla anyway.  Keep 
in mind KDE4 is upstream, so that complaint belongs there to get any real 

> 7/ The calendar that you get when you click on the clock goes
>    away as soon as you click on another spot on the desktop or
>    a window.  What happens if I want to keep it visible and
>    actually refer to it while I do other work in other windows...
>    I can't... Argh.

KDE bug, it works correctly in gnome, so file this in bz?

> 8/ If this is the new KDE... count me out!!!  (It is a lot
>    more unfriendly and alot more timeconsuming.)

It is new, it is KDE4, and it won't be changing, so you may want to become a 
gnomer I guess. ;-)

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