F9 Test Request - swfdec

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Thu Apr 10 13:33:47 UTC 2008

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 7:42 AM, James Laska <jlaska at redhat.com> wrote:
>  Skilled with testing flash?  Have a favorite flash-based web application
>  you like to use?
>  In order to help provide a go/no_go decision for several upcoming
>  features of F9, notting has asked how testing of those features is
>  progressing.

Would it be appropriate to report problems with flash apps that are on
password-protected web servers?  In my case I have a system that runs
Cisco's Wireless Control System to manage wireless access points.  It
uses several flash apps to display data but they don't work with
swfdec.  Obviously, I can't give access to everyone but I could set up
a read-only account and give access to one or two swfdec developers.


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