should gphoto launch automatically?

Joe Smith jes at
Mon Apr 14 19:10:37 UTC 2008

David Timms wrote:
> Joe Smith wrote:
>> It did for me with F8, but not now for F9beta.
> Is that an up2date beta + or straight beta ?

F9beta with all updates.

>> I can run gthumb and File > Import Photos. The camera is detected 
>> correctly and I can download photos, it just doesn't launch gphoto 
>> when I plug in the camera.
>> I have (almost) no idea how that process actually works--hal? 
>> dbus?--so I don't know where to start investigating whether there's a 
>> problem.
>> There's nothing weird looking in /var/log/messages
> Is there nothing at all as you plug it in ?

There are the normal-looking usb messages. The cam only? supports 
PTP-mode, so there are no block devices added and nothing in /media.

The camera appears as a device in the lsusb output.

As I said, gphoto finds the camera automatically and it works fine if I 
start the import manually.

> lshal -m
> is useful for working out what hal knows about the device. Unfortunately 
> that is as far as I have got with this stuff.
> If you still have an f8 machine, how recently did this last just work ?
> Could you show the differences between f8 and f9beta for lshal -m and 
> /log/messages ?

Unfortunately, my F8 hardware died, which is why I'm trying to help with 
F9 ;-)

The automatic launch was working fine with F8 as late as last December.

I have some kind of message showing on my console (but not in the 
messages) when I shut the system down. It says something about "can't 
find the message bus, have you started the dbus daemon" or something 
like that--it's only visible for a few seconds and I haven't paid much 
attention to it until now.

Maybe I can snap a picture of the message.

dbus-daemon appears to be running for my current session.

Plugging in USB storage devices triggers automounting and Nautilus 
windows pop up.

Thanks for your helpful suggestions; I'll keep poking around.


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