Rawhide trashes 320g drive on format

Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 07:00:45 UTC 2008

cloneu2 wrote:
> The machine I am running is:
> INTEL 865Perl  Motherboard
> 4 gigs  kingston ram
> 320g (SATA) Western Digital HD (apprx 1.5 years  old)
> 250G (SATA) Western Digital HD (has f9 BETA installed)
> 120g  IDE  Western Digital
> 80 g  IDE  Western Digital 

The actual kernel messages will provide more details that might let devs solve 
the problem.  What models are these drives, they each have a specific model name 
and version or revision number.  The messages from booting the installer should 
also have some info on the sata controller that might be relevant.

If possible I'd advise you to get the logs Will mentioned and get it into 
bugzilla, because the info above (while a good start) most likely won't provide 
progress on a bug like that.

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