One old blocker

Bryan Hickerson bryanjh at
Sat Apr 19 00:13:21 UTC 2008

Jon Stanley wrote:
> There is but one blocker bug that hadn't been touched in the last 7
> days now, and it's one that should be fixed already, we just need
> verification.  Unfortunately, I don't possess  the necessary software
> to do it :(
> If you resize a NTFS partition to a size that's not usable (I'm not
> sure how that's defined), it could lead to an unhandled exception.
> The problem was initially seen on a factory installed Acer with no
> changes.  If you have a Windows box that you can try this on, it would
> be much appreciated.
> Thnaks!
> -Jon
> PS - if you're looking for more bugs that need retesting, have a peek
> at :)

Yesterday I tried to install the preview release from the KDE livecd and 
I got a similar error. I tried to shrink the XP partition on my laptop 
by 10 gigs and it failed and anaconda exited. I will try again later 
tonight and see if I can get more detailed information.


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