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Will Woods wwoods at redhat.com
Thu Apr 24 18:32:12 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 17:44 +0100, José Matos wrote:
> On Thursday 24 April 2008 17:30:43 Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer wrote:
> > Hey there,
> >
> > Will Woods <wwoods <at> redhat.com> writes:
> > > Ah. Upgrading to Beta might not work. Try upgrading to Rawhide instead.
> > > [...]
> > > You might want to clear out the caches first, just to be 100% sure:
> > >   rm -rf /var/cache/yum/anaconda-upgrade /boot/upgrade
> >
> > So I just tried again using 0.9.2.fc8 on an FC8 install and it dies while
> > it tries to mount the cd images for Fedora???
> > IE the error message is "What partition and directory on that partition
> > hold the CD (iso9660) images for Fedora?"
> >
> > Any clue of what's going on there?

Probably we're failing to find the stage2 image and it's falling back to
looking for a CD. What partition is /boot on? What's the preupgrade boot
commandline look like?

>   Same problem here, I have an update F8 system. preupgrade runs OK (nice 
> graphical touch BTW :-) ). But then on restart I get the same problem. I took 
> the version 0.9.2.fc8 from koji.

What keyboard set are you using? Works fine here, but that's US english..

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