Adam Pribyl pribyl at lowlevel.cz
Fri Apr 25 20:25:22 UTC 2008

I appreciate the effort put into preparing jigdo and templates for F9, 
however I'm bit strugglig what is the purpose of this method. It's maybe 
great for server side distribution, but it's bit useless without users 
using it right? As of now, there is no description how to use those 
cryptic .jigdo file on fedoraproject pages. You can find it only on 
http://fedoraunity.org/solved/post-install-solutions/jigdo/ and it 
actually is not a "one click" method (btw: pyjigdo I did not found in 
repos for F8, or am I wrong?). Would it be worth droping at least note at 
get-fedora pages what to do with those jigdo files, if we do not have an 
application to asociate them in web browser?

Adam Pribyl

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