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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Sun Apr 27 18:23:21 UTC 2008

On Sunday 27 April 2008 18:57:05 Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Also at that time, if I am not mistaken, Red Hat did
> not put much emphasis into KDE that Mandrake Linux was
> born using Red Hat as the base and they took up on KDE
> and made it look better than Red Hat.  So in some ways
> Anne, you have used Mandrake Linux and now Mandriva,
> you like KDE and as you have mentioned you will also
> run Mandriva 2008.0 or 2008.1 because Fedora's KDE is
> not there yet and you need a comfort zone. Am I right?
Yes and no.  I've used Mandrake/Mandriva since version 8, so there's a lot of 
truth in what you say.  However, when I tried running rawhide leading to FC6 
I found that I did like that as well.  Over the last couple of years I've 
found that running either one makes me want the other :-)  Consequently I'll 
have Mandriva on this laptop, where I need it to be 'comfort zone' as you put 
it, but I shall also have F9 on another box.  I also have CentOS on my 
server, which, I'm sure you know, is very close to FC6.

> Like Antonio M mentioned earlier, if you take the
> Fedora DVD the default will be gnome, if you want KDE,
> you would be better served using The KDE Live CD
> variant.  I install both if I have the space, I use
> k3b and some KDE apps.  
Sometimes I install both.  Sometimes I install KDE and one of the lighter 
desktops, though I haven't done that just recently.

> FYI,
> I install both KDE and Gnome when I install Fedora
> onto my machines.  Which one I use on a particular
> machine depends on which one runs better on the
> machine.  

Absolutely.  Also, I prefer kde applications for some things and gnome 
applications for other things - and that varies from one distro and version 
to another.  Consequently, I may not have a gnome desktop installed but I'll 
certainly have a large slice of gnome libraries etc..

> As for stats, I do not care for them. 
> There's Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.  For Rawhide,
> I would like to give KDE more of a chance, but it is
> not beating out Gnome for the starting position.
> Gnome is doing a better job for me.  my $0.02 :)  

It has to be a personal choice.  Of course at the moment KDE is in a very 
difficult position.  It has to get out into the wider public for testing - a 
bit like rawhide :-) - yet it's still very much a work in progress.  At the 
moment there are going to be a lot of complaints, mostly because it's not 
clear which things are gone for ever and which things are merely 'not quite 
there yet'.  I do talk to several KDE developers, and am quite happy to ask 
them questions like that - once I'm back from my holiday :-)

I may not see any reply to this, as I've just signed off for a couple of 

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