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James J Catchpole james_j_catchpole at
Mon Apr 28 16:53:54 UTC 2008

James J Catchpole wrote:
>> I am not sure if anyone has commented on the
>> Add/Remove Software function but I find it
>> almost impossible to use. Following are a couple
>> of comments:
>> 1) It appears that you can only Add or Remove
>>     one package at a time.
> I have filed this one. Still on discussion about what the user interface 
> should look like. Note that the PackageKit allows you to queue 
> transactions. So you can install multiple packages without the UI blocking.
   I am unable to figure out how to queue up updates. that
   should be the default in any case.

   From an End User Perspective there should be a section
   on the panel that prints out the status of updates as they occur.
   More or less    as Yum Displays the output as each package is installed.

   There should be a section on the panel that  lists the queue of
    packages being removed, updated or installed.
>> 2) The Filter function is almost useless
> A better explanation is needed here.  
   Well, its not granular enough; I should be
   able to choose what I want to see at the
   package level, not the category, perhaps
   with radial buttons.

   I also should be able to pick multiple categories
   rather than one at a time; again perhaps
   with radial buttons. Radial Button Examples
   for Categories might be:

              o    List this Category
              o    Do not list this category

              o   Installed Packages
              o   Available Packages
              o   All Packages

And then at the Package Level the same three
radial buttons that would override the category
choice. Also there should be additional radial
buttons indicating whether or not a given
package should be:

             o    Ignore Package  [Default]
             o    Update Package
             o    Install Package
             o    Remove Package 
>> 3) After every Install | Remove the entire list
>>     must be refreshedRe: fedora-test-list Digest, Vol 50, Issue 128
> Within the group. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to see a confirmation 
> that the package has just been installed successfully. The refresh is 
> sometimes not visually appealing especially when listing a large number 
> of packages within a group which is reported already.

    I see no reason why this is necessary. The combination
    of the YUM Return Codes and a section of the panel
    that lists events should be enough. Also, there could
    be additional Status Buttons along side each Package
    in the list of queued packages indicating what happens
    as the packages are processed. The same would be true
   for prerequisite packages that should be listed in the
   queue of packages to be processed as they are processed.
>> 4) Depending on 'whatever' it often displays
>>     Packages multiple times
> Already filed by me.
> Rahul
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