Where has the F10 DVD iso file gone?

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Wed Dec 31 16:19:51 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Christopher A. Williams <chriswfedora at cawllc.com> said:
> As they own the distribution, the Fedora team absolutely needs to take
> ownership of fixing the overall issue. No excuses. That would allow
> groups like Fedora Unity to do what they do more easily. I'm willing to
> be a part of that process on an as available basis, but like others I
> still have my day job I need to do to feed my family. My wife has also
> made it perfectly clear that I need to continue being "Dad" to our kids
> and a husband to her (which is a good thing, by the way).

So, it's okay for you to make excuses why you can't help more, but you
demand other volunteers do more?
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