F9alpha AMD-64 HP DC7700 SFF switch_root: no filesystems

Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 08:58:06 UTC 2008

John Summerfield wrote:
> The box in question doesn't boot Linux atm, so getting info is 
> difficult, so I'll try the easy option first. If needs, I can connect a 
> serial cable and something else. For them moment I will describe 
> messages rather than quote them
> It was running F8 quite well, and then I enabled development and ran 
> "yum upgrade"
> More precisely,
> echo yum -y upgrade | at midnight
> When that had finished, seamonkey crashed and I decided on the balance 
> of things, a reboot was in order.
> As supplied, it had 80 Gbytes disk and no DVD; I've added a DVD burner 
> and replaced the original drive with 320 Gbytes and added 512 Gbytes.
> It displays the usual boot messages and finishes with something like 
> "the boot has failed" pretty much straight after "switch_root: no such 
> file"

I suspect you've got the 54 or 64 kernel installed [1], both of which fail for 
many people with the 'switch_root: no such file' error.  Backing it down to the 
40 kernel may get you farther into the boot and maybe show whether or not the 
volume group issue goes away or not.  To get it backed down you'll need to 
download the kernel, boot into a rescue mode, chroot, and install the older kernel.

If this fails you might have to go farther back, getting a 2.6.24 kernel to 
install, then when booted to that you may be able to install the 2.6.25 rc 
kernel (2.6.25 kernels had some issues with mkinitrd when done on a 2.6.25 
kernel, I'm not sure if that is resolved).

[1] http://koji.fedoraproject.org/packages/kernel/2.6.25/

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