latest update breaks a MadWifi snapshot

Scott Robbins scottro at
Thu Jul 3 02:47:57 UTC 2008

I'm simply not sure where to report this.

Sam Leffler made a snapshot for MadWifi that supports the (in)famous
AR5007EG card.  The latest snapshot, from June, now supports 64 bit as

Livna-testing even has an rpm for it (for Fedora 9, the rpm isn't built
against the Rawhide kernels).

Ubuntu's Intrepid also broke it, though someone submitted a patch for
I'm wondering if, especially as the Rawhide kernels change so rapidly,
if this would merit a RedHat report, MadWifi report or perhaps an email
to Mr. Leffler as these later kernels in Ubuntu's alpha and Fedora's
rawhide both break it. 

(The error is in compiling the driver.)  

It works with every non-alpha distribution that I've tried and heard

Thanks for any input.  I haven't seen any other mention of this error on
the MadWifi site, or even on google, so perhaps I'm the lucky first.  

(It's a different error than the one found in the Ubuntu alpha.)

Scott Robbins
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