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Sun Mar 2 16:43:16 UTC 2008

Pedro Lamarão <pedro.lamarao at> wrote:
> David Boles escreveu:
> > Two questions Antonio.
> > 1) Why would you update software with that same software loaded and
> > running?
> > 2) Why would you expect software that was loaded and running to
> > continue
> > to work if it was running when it was updated?

> I would expect (1) and (2) because it has worked for me just fine
> since before Fedora was born.

Has never (or nearly) worked here. Least of all with something that depends
on so many external pieces as Firefox.

> Why would you expect updating the executable file on disk to disturb
> the process in memory?

Because it disturbs files on disk that the executable might be using (or
will use in the future)?
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