Still "F9alpha AMD-64 HP DC7700 SFF switch_root: no filesystems persists"

John Summerfield debian at
Thu Mar 6 07:09:37 UTC 2008

Andrew Farris wrote:

>>> My advice.. keep lots of prior kernels, I've currently got 
>>> installonlyn=10, and I've locked the oldest kernel to not get removed as 
>> I was wondering about this:
>> installonly_limit=8
>> installonlypkgs=kernel*
>> I then did a
>> yum install kernel
>> and there was only one left.
> Sorry I for the delay.  What I have setup is this:

I've got one rpm doesn't know about now. And, I've begun
yumdownloader kernel
rpm -<whatever got downloaed>
and then the regular updates.

> /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.conf
> [main]
> enabled = 1
> locklist = /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.list
> /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.list
> 0:kernel-
> 0:kernel-2.6.25-0.40.rc1.git2.fc9.i686
> 0:kernel-2.6.25-0.82.rc3.git2.fc9.i686
> You need to have fixed yum-versionlock which is broken, see bz:

They joys of alfaware:-)
> By default the kernel is included in installonlypkgs, so you don't 
> really need to set that (and there may be others included in default 
> you're not now including).
> The newer kernels are installing fine for me from (which is 
> why I still have it).
You might add a note to my bug then, I've not run any .24 kernels and I 
don't have any.

The f9a 2.6.21 xen kernel has the problem too. It's masked by xen 
rebooting in five seconds so one doesn't see what happened. There's a bz 
for that too.




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