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Arne Chr. Jorgensen achrisjo at
Mon Mar 10 15:09:36 UTC 2008


I have collected your inputs, while I am also spending - too much time :) - with
bugzilla, attempting to gain some experience. Your inputs make me improve as well, 
I reckon.

What I had in mind with my question, had to do with how things work at other
side of the curtain. 

1. How does the system appear to them ?  For example, are they presented with
the same interface and form as I see on my side.

2. What do they have at their disposal ? A bunch of machines with all sorts
of installed platform versions ? Virtual machines ? 

3. Are they shipped a package into their user directory and assigned the task ? 

4. How are their days ?  When they wait and wait for information from users,
how do they experience it ? 

Get my drift ? 

Perhaps I should install some replica of what is used at ?
( is that doable ? )

5. I didn't get any response on my post:" Example of use: python-mozilla ?"

$ bugzilla --user=USER --password=PWD info  ?  id-number or what ??

Michael Schwendt wrote earlier:
> To file bugs, I use the XMLRPC Python interface to bugzilla. Once I
>  have a direct link to a ticket, I can open it with a browser if I need to, but
> that could be much faster, too.
Guess it is the XMLRPC part that I have missed out.  Used all day working
on bugs reports, and answered questions ,  so  I  would  just  read  some
of my bug reports.

Could anyone  give  me  some  example of  the  commands  ?

6. Something I have done: 

In part of my document searches, I found that there is a  Add-ons tool to Mozilla Firefox, called "buggy bar". Placed in preferences, and I am
currently experimenting with it. It clearly show some of the importance of thinking how you express certain fields. 


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