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I am too worked up ! Too upset ! writing these lines.
How long have I been on this email-list ??  ( I wonder )

1.  Perhaps I needed this experience ??!! 
- can it be useful somehow ?

2. Early on, I asked if there was any "moderator"
- I asked if there was any "contact personel" ?
- Asked if I may post a private mail to certain people.
 Subject: ping Michael Schwendt To:fedora-test-list at    [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]                                             hi,

May I email a question directly to you ? 

achrisjo at
- I have asked if there is a training program,  or some mentor
that could show me a bit around.

- most importantly - I have asked about some help with setting up
environment.   Ubunto, Suse, nobody has been able to boot up,
except Fedora has somehow bypassed some obstacles.


Who I  am:

- I was mighty surprised when I came across some internal resource files
at IBM, as how to boot up RedHat on some ppc  hardware.  Yeah - I thought,
I have struggled with that..  and read the article.  Surprise !!   It carried my
name ! 
- In work with the first Realtime Linux in a NIST project,   I  did did some contribution, solved register usage for 486 in some code from NASA, that
nobody else had been able to.

- I have been head of my "small"  company,  called to assist technical problems around the world.

- Personal friends,  those I went to school with,  - experts in Unix,  patentholders for internal code used in most cellular/mobile phones around
the world.  They shy away from Fedora -  because the have seen how I struggled with it.   They run other distro instead because of this.

- I have retired,  closed down my company,  I have some health issues,
I am rusty,  stupid at times, etc.   But  with a little help - perhaps I could
be of some help to you ?

And I know there is thousands people out there that struggle. Chuck Ebbert from this site pointed it out, did assist me some with
It's been a nightmare for way..way too long.  

The stupidity is part of my own doing,  but it's not easy to communicate from
some unreliable and unstable machines.  Yes there are some wikipedia info,
and other stuff but if you cannot get X,  or get a reliable connection, and...
when you have "falled off the wagon" ... you may miss out on even the
elementary and basic issues that everyone has taken for granted.

I believe there can be something for everyone here,  why I share this silly and
lame story.  I never would believe I would experience it,  but I have.  I came
into the madhouse - this site,  I have never understood how the fuck you guys work here.  

I am ashamed,  my self esteem has hit rock bottom - not that fun to stand out
as some complete fool and idiot.   

Do wonder what your meeting will be about,  but I guess I will miss out on that too, as I don't know what packages to install,  how to connect,  or any of
that.  I will not be able to learn all that fast enough to do it.  

I am rusty,  and out of focus,  but new guys arrive at this site,  new users
will join Fedora,  and I sure hope for your sake and for theirs,  that they
never come into a situation as I just have told.


My las post,subject: Re: Oh..fuck !!

"Arne Chr. Jorgensen" <achrisjo at> wrote: "Arne Chr. Jorgensen" <achrisjo at> wrote: In the following message,  I  have come to learn something that has
puzzled me,  something that has caused me so much trouble in order
to keep track of things !  

A  threaded list-archive !!!   Hell,  I got thousands on mails,  at a yahoo server, and I have asked/mentioned it before too..  

Gee !!



That is impossible, huh ?!

I fully agree - it should not .... but when you change from your trusted o'l RedHat, do the mistake to think Fedora is just another name for your o'l pal,
- the story begins ;)   Then try to salvage a sinking ship,  fight the leaks and
streams of water (updates),  then the trickstery begins. Add  ISP trouble, difficult hardware.  And if you cry for help in a polite way.... then.....
the fun stuff starts.  

But it is damn nice to be able to write this on a computer that is starting to behave,  in which surprises appear such as - gee, this appear  better then what OEM or Microsoft  seem  to  have  done  ;)   

night ,



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