Kernel crash on F8 last update

Guillaume guitouu at
Tue Mar 18 07:44:49 UTC 2008


I'm running F8 x86_64. I use  only "stable" repository (not "testing")
Yesterday, there was a new kernel update available:
I install it and boot it.
I get 3 crash in the evening... some times during file copy, some times 
during firefox session...
Before crash, I can see in the system monitor that CPU is used at 100% 
by "input/output latencies"...
When I ran "top" in a shell, no application use the processor ... but 
load average grow up to 8 !
Then computer freeze...
When I restart it, I get some troubles: grub error some times, file 
system inconsistency some times !
I retry to boot the computer 15 minutes later and each times, it boot 
I am surprised... as if computer shall sleep a little to rework :)

Now I boot the previous kernel ( and it works well.
But I think that kernel shall not be in stable release ...
The crash is very bad... when computer get load average 8 and on restart 
said "file system inconsistency" ... I was a little afraid.


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