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>>> Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R <caf <at>> writes:
>>>> I checked with several of the area computer parts stores and
>>>> didn't find any PCI-E video cards old enough to work with
>>>> the open source ATI driver.
>>> A Radeon X1050 (which is an RV370 chipset, supported in both 2D and 3D
>>> by the Free radeon and r300_dri drivers) shouldn't be that hard to
>>> find. I don't know where you live, but where I live there are several
>>> such models available.
>>>         Kevin Kofler
>> The Portland Oregon area isn't the technological outpost it was when
>> I start work at Tektronix in 1968.  I checked Iguana Micro, ENU,
>> Pace Computers, and Fry's web sites.  Chances are they sold X1050
>> PCI boards at one time, but no more.  Fry's did list an AGP board,
>> but AGP is so yesterday.  My last four motherboards are PCI-E.
> Have you tried Free Geek?  They had several PCI video cards at very
> affordable prices last time I was there.
> The page seems to be a little out of date as they have newer stuff than
> what is listed there, including things like SATA and ethernet cables for
> $1.

Pacific Solutions still carries PCI video cards.  They may also have the
motherboard you are looking for.

The only reason to care about the new video cards is if you are into games
or are running compiz or some other heavy OpenGL app.

A reason you might want a new motherboard is if you want hardware
virtualization.  Having a motherboard/cpu that supports it makes VMWare
run *so* much faster.

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