Does FC9 have a /etc/modprobe.conf file?

Jason Waggoner waggoneer at
Sun Mar 23 17:55:43 UTC 2008

I am having soundcard conflict on a Dell XPS1210 laptop.

During boot Fedora is initializing the USB soundcard (for the built-in
webcam) first. 
When I go to system-config-soundcard I can see my other soundcard, and I can
change the order.
But, when I hit apply I get an error message "Unable to write
/etc/modprobe.conf!" When I check for the file, it isn't there. There is the

I think I read that there will be less reliance on modprobe.conf with the
new PulseAudio program, but shouldn't there still be an /etc/modprobe.conf
file? Is there some program I can run to generate the file?

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