f9 neverputt just quits

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Mon Mar 24 11:06:53 UTC 2008

Andrew Farris wrote:
> Jerry Williams wrote:
>> The neverputt game that is part of neverball will just exit.
>> Is there a way to figure out why it just exits?
>> Also the pinball games works for a few min. and then the sound turns 
>> to just noise.
>> I looked at the messages file and didn't see anything.
> Try running both of them in a terminal, and look for the output when it 
> crashes.  You can also use gdb to run the app and then be able to 
> backtrace it when it crashes (this may or may not be useful).  Look in 
> ~/.xsession-errors for any output there as well.  The application may 
> have a built in debugging mode, check what is show for options by using 
> --help or -h when running in the terminal.
I quite like strace, most programs run near enough full speed so one can 
quickly find where things go awry.

Writing the trace to a file is good.



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