Tonight's rawhide REALLY wants to boot into level 5

Scott Robbins scottro at
Thu Mar 27 02:45:59 UTC 2008

I just ran yum update (I always use yum or smart in text mode) to update

/etc/inittab is set to level 3 as default. 
Upon reboot, to my amusement, it booted into runlevel 5.  I said to
myself, "Self, it probably did something to /etc/inittab."  
However, inittab was still set to runlevel 3.  I figured that maybe
there was some other obvious place where it was starting gdm, but I
haven't been able to find it. 

In the end, I fixed it by adding 

to the end of the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.list. 
Is this a bug or a new feature?  

What made it worse was that there was no option to choose a session.  I
use fluxbox and this left me with nothing but Gnome.  

<brief meaningless rant> Why, if Fedora is a testbed for RedHat, which is
primarily aimed at the enterprise and, I would assume, primarily a
server, tie itself so heavily to Gnome?  How many sysadmins want a box
booting into Gnome? 
</brief meaningless rant>

That's actually a serious question, but this list isn't the place for
it, ergo, the rant tag.  :)

(Although I assume there is a logical answer, and if someone knows it
and wants to share, please do.)

Anyway, if this is going to be a new feature, ignoring an inittab that
would almost be certainly already be deliberately edited by the user, as
a default installation sets it to 5, I hope it is going to be

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