F9 Beta install improperly handles error condition

Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 01:14:48 UTC 2008

shmuel siegel wrote:
> I have a scratched DVD. When I hit continue from the test dialog box I 
> quickly got an Error dialog box which only had an OK button. Pressing 
> this button retried the install which of course failed with the same 
> dialog box. Removing the DVD didn't change anything.The only way out of 
> this infinite loop was a hard reboot. There should be other recovery 
> options.

I found that the continue button after testing my F9 beta i386 DVD (which passed 
the test) also ejected the disk and showed that same empty 'OK' dialog.  The 
system had to restart, then I inserted the disk again, and this time did not test.

So that problem happens if you pass the test or not.  In the past I think that 
the buttons available at that point in anaconda were different, where you had to 
eject the current disk before continuing whether it passed the test or not.  You 
then got the choice to continue or test another disk.  If you continued you had 
to reinsert the first disk.  This weird dialog may be a problem in how that was 
changed for single DVD disk tests rather than testing multiple disks?

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