Fedora 9 updates-testing report

Leslie Satenstein lsatenstein at yahoo.com
Sun May 18 17:22:11 UTC 2008

>From Distrowatch, we can see which distributions are most popular. I have been a Fedora afficianado since core4, and enjoy it for the following reasons:

a) Very fast execution of most applications
b) Wonderful chance to learn whats coming down the road
c) Opportunity to contribute my testing (via usage) to improve the product
d) Meet with a great bunch of Fedora biggots like me.
e) Watch the messages and enjoy the frustrations and the successes of new version launches.
f) Become frustrated with lack of progress for multimedia (webcam) because I truly want to replace a non-linux software and need it to work well.
g) Would like to see an off-shore version of Fedora that is a day behind, but has all the multimedia integrated, or easily integratable( a la livna.org). It should  respect the laws of that offshore country (as does many other distributions). I can live with updates being one day late.
h)   Other enhancements are for packages that are not in Fedora, such as a  powerful grammar checker for word processing. I write in French and English and sometimes my French grammar is used in English, and the English when I am writing French.  Again, not everyone writes in two languages.
i) I have other concerns about implementation schedules and quality control, but that I will express elsewhere.

So, do understand, for all of us, it is a labor of love, and/or a great hobby (I am 67, so, it is both, when I reach 77, it will continue to be both).


Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote: cornel panceac wrote:
> 2008/5/18 Adrin Jalali 
> >:
>         We have over 10000 or so bugs open in bugzilla now. Yes, it is a
>         shame that we don't have as much as resources as we need and
>         people would rather invent conspiracy theories than help out.
>         Rahul
> otoh, if you don't have air to breathe, you should not run that fast, imho.

Innovation in the Free software world doesn't happen by being stagnant. 
Most of the bugs have nothing to do with the speed of Fedora releases 
but change in upstream projects. If you want new features, that kind of 
churn is just a side effect. It is a balance and where Fedora draws the 
line is well known.


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