CPU frequency on a intel Q9300 CPU

Henri Ala-Peijari fedoratestlist at helsinki.la
Tue May 20 13:57:16 UTC 2008

I have the Q9300 quad core CPU & Intel DG33FBC and Fedora9 64bit. By 
default it scales the cores to 2.0GHz but when I add to panel "CPU 
Frequency scaling monitor" and manually use that program to switch the 4 
cores to 2.5GHz I get the extra performance. I have tested this with 
BOINC. Default settings give about 5500 (Dhrystone) MIPS and 100%/2.5GHz 
give about 6900MIPS. Is there a way to set the cores permanently running 
2.5GHz (now I have to repeat this after every restart)? The original 
BIOS detected the CPU 2.0GHz but after BIOS upgrade it shows 2.5GHz.

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