mysql type_float.reject

Tom Lane tgl at
Sat May 31 23:46:05 UTC 2008

gjohnson5 <tonyjohn5 at> writes:
> The compiler is gcc-4.3.0-8  which is the latest from Fedora
> [gjohnson at localhost config]$ rpm -qa gcc
> gcc-4.3.0-8.x86_64

You're really making me beg for each individual nugget of information,
aren't you?  Is this F-9 or rawhide?  Are you using any non-default
CFLAGS when you build mysql?  And I gather from the above that
it's not IA64 at all, but exactly what CPU is it?  It might make a
difference in a case like this to know which sub-variant of x86_64
we are talking about.

(In case my frustration is not evident, mysql builds and passes its
regression tests just fine for me in rawhide on an Intel Xeon, and Matt
Domsch's recent rebuild tests didn't show a problem either.  So there is
*something* different about your system, but you're being quite
unhelpful about providing information as to what.)

			regards, tom lane

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